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Accelerating SME growth and internationalization 


Providing solutions to core SME market expansion challenges:

SMEs entrepreneurial discovery 


A cross-continental support team working with the entrepreneur on:

  • Market, product, and production, opportunity/risk assessment.

  • Identification of key champions in local government institutions involved in the export process.

  • Local entrepreneurial capacity building. 

SMEs investment facilitation  


Crowd-lending fund, through a mobilized regional diaspora.

SMEs market expansion 


A novel export model: SMEs create a virtual enterprise supported by a U.S. based Resource Center (on-the-ground sales, accounting, legal, and finance team).

Focus regions:

Qualifying SMEs:

  • Based in North Macedonia or Bulgaria.

  • Interested in expanding to the U.S. market.

  • Have less than 250 employees and less than €50m annual turnover.

  • Have been in operation for more than 5 years.

  • Have export experience.

  • Have pioneered a significant technological innovation.

  • Led by an ambitious, open-minded, and forward-looking managerial team.

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