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Assess, understand, and activate your team's ability to innovate.

The methodology behind EML tools is called an entrepreneurial muscle memory (EMM). An EMM is a collection of stored experiences, built through continuous completion of challenges associated with core entrepreneurial traits. One can think of it as a personal database of achievements.

The framework was initially developed through a study of pioneering U.S. social entrepreneurs identified through Ashoka, Echoing Green, World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders, and leading B-Corporations.


There are seven core entrepreneurial muscles:


Inclination to spot opportunities, with an ability to focus and eliminate the noise from the signal.


Tendency to take action, initiate, and execute; assume responsibility and believe in one’s ability to achieve goals.


Ability to appeal to both emotions and reason, while demonstrating credibility through a developed authentic communication style.


Developed capacity to dig under the surface and solve novel, ill-defined problems in a complex setting.


Ability to breed imaginative solutions in an environment infused with constraints.


Ability to build

and maintain mutually enabling relationships.


Prone to quickly recover from setbacks or failure; maintain stability in light of a highly disruptive event.