What is it?

TeamLift™ helps you understand individual innovation competencies and the way they interact in a team setting. The final goal is to increase the collective intelligence of a team to successfully complete the innovation process.


With the TeamLift™ Certification, we hope to help you harness the power of our all-round solution in your own team, department, and organization. After all, you are the one who knows best the challenges your team/department is facing & has what it takes to make a change. 


By completing the TeamLift™ Certification Program, you will have the knowledge needed to run an Entrepreneurial Muscle Gym workout, being able to:

  • Interpret EML Competency Assessments;

  • Prepare and run a 90-minute entrepreneurial muscle workshop;

  • Understand which exercises to use to help participants flex their entrepreneurial muscles.

 You should become certified if you:

  • enjoy being part of a cross-boundary network where you can share insights and learn from your peers;

  • are involved in your organization’s innovation initiatives or work within learning and development;

  • are interested in topics related to the future of work and skills development within the Fourth Industrial Revolution;

  • have some prior facilitation or coaching experience;

  • have preferably attended an EML workout session;

  • are looking for novel ways to increase the innovation capacity of your team; 

  • are motivated to support your colleagues in their skill development journey.


As a Certified TeamLift™ Coach, you will receive a digital badge as a credential that can be added to your resume or LinkedIn. Coaches will also receive 20 free EML reports to run their first workshop. 

Upon certification, you will be part of the EML Coaches network for 12 months where you will receive support for your own personal development as well as innovation insights to be used within your organization.

How does it work?

The certification training consists of:

  • 90 minute online training session covering the research and technical details behind TeamLift;

  • workshop facilitation plans to help you prepare a workshop best suitable for your department/team;

  • running a practice workshop with a small group of your choice. You will receive one-on-one support preparing and debriefing your workshop.


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